Art and Music



🎨 Art Curriculum

An integral part of our curriculum, the AMS art program is structured in levels centered around the 14 elements and principles of art and design. Art projects at all grade levels introduce or reinforce critical concepts and vocabulary while offering students practice in various media and techniques. Hands-on practice encourages the mastery and retention of core concepts. The art program reinforces other curriculum areas by providing a real world connection between math, language arts, science, social studies, and the arts. For example, younger students explore patterns and symmetry through a pattern bugs project. Older students create visual models and sculptures to represent different concepts in science or social studies.

🎸 Music Curriculum

The AMS music program provides students with a broad knowledge and appreciation of music. Students attend music classes twice per week. Students in grades three and up learn how to play either the guitar or piano. Students perform in semester recitals that demonstrate new and developing skills to the community at large. In addition to learning how to play music, students are taught the history of music from a variety of different cultural perspectives. And, students learn audiation, the ability to think in musical terms. This skill helps students understand and appreciate the core concepts at work in their favorite music. By learning the language of music, students develop a lifelong relationship with music.