Language Arts and Social Studies

Language Arts


📚 Language Arts Curriculum

The AMS language arts curriculum encompasses all the necessary skills students need to become effective communicators, scholars, and helps students develop a lifelong love of learning. Our program emphasizes decoding, comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening. Students explore a range of genres including poetry, plays, autobiographies, realistic fiction, non-fiction, biographies, historical fiction, folktales, and many more. Our writing program encourages students to hone their written skill in both fiction and nonfiction. Our students often go on to become award-winning writers in local writing competitions across various genres.

🌎 Social Studies Curriculum

In the 21st century, modern students must be global thinkers. The AMS social studies program explores both historical and contemporary global events, world history and U.S. history and geography, and government and economics. Students learn about the influence of past cultures on current events and culture. AMS students study a range of cultures and history from around the globe and in the United States, and explore how a wealth of cultures have shaped our country into the nation it is today. Students build understanding of their role in their community, and learn how strong communities are built upon their own effort and partnership with others. Government studies focus on the identification, interpretation, and analysis of US and international government and economic functions.