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At AMS we are committed to protecting the health and wellness of all our students, families, and staff. We are also committed to providing a rigorous education, whether it be online or in person. That’s why you can choose AMS your way.

A well-rounded education

Your child is unique and we understand that choosing a school is an immensely personal decision. That is why we are open with families and transparent about our culture.
We also believe that AMS is one of the best school networks in Arizona, but don’t just take it from us.


We believe that our mission as educators is not to predict the future, but to shape it. We ensure that our academic program prepares scholars for a world we cannot yet envision. Our program ensures that AMS scholars are able to:

• Produce, comprehend, and analyze the written and spoken word
• Calculate, compute, and model complex mathematical equations and scenarios
• Leverage technology to maximize impact and increase efficiency.


Through a well-rounded education, we transform today’s scholars into tomorrow’s global visionaries.
We equip students with a top-quality education, empowering them to succeed in both their academic and personal lives.


We’re more than just numbers and our impact is more than lines on a graph.
Behind every data point is a motivated student, a dedicated family, and a passionate teacher. Every statistic is a story of hard work and endless love.

Our numbers speak for themselves Apply Now

  • 600+ 5-star Parent Reviews
  • 20 Years of Proven Results
  • 9 Amazing Campus Locations
  • 6000+ Students Happily Enrolled