Math & Science



➗ Math Curriculum

The Academies of Math and Science curriculum infuses critical thinking and mathematical skills into every grade level. Beginning in kindergarten, AMS students develop skills in number sense, algebraic operations, measurement, data analysis, mathematical thinking, and geometry. Our program, Saxon Math, coupled with the math integration into our science program, teaches our students to apply math skills outside of the classroom and learn the relevance of math in today’s world.

⚗️Science Curriculum

The AMS science program is thorough and challenging at all grade levels. AMS students immerse themselves in earth science, physical science, and life science studies with an emphasis on how to use the scientific method to understand, explain, replicate, question, and design their own inquiries in different scientific fields both inside and outside of the classroom. Our robotics club, science Olympiad team, and long-standing participation in the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) provide students the opportunity to experience relevant real-world applications of scientific knowledge built in the classroom.