Featured People

👨🏫 Featured Teachers

Nelson.jpg    William Nelson - 5th Grade Teacher
William Nelson is one of our newest additions to the AMS Camelback Firebird Family. Originally from South Carolina, Nelson comes to Phoenix and AMS with a wealth of classroom knowledge and experience. Nelson has felt welcomed most by the atmosphere created by fellow staff members, administration, and students. Nelson states that “Students have been amazing and have welcomed me with open arms. Administration and staff are amazing and a great support with resources and coaching.”

👩🎓 Featured Students

Thompson.jpg  Cassidy - 8th Grade Student

Cassidy has been an AMS Camelback Firebird since the sixth-grade. Cassidy has impressed teachers with her vast knowledge of content. She is confident in her ability to respectfully challenge the perspectives of others who have differing opinions with academic content. Cassidy reflects upon her experience at AMS by sharing, “At AMS, I feel challenged, at home, and accepted. My education from AMS will help me as I strive to be a productive member of our society.” Cassidy believes all of her teachers are different but create a home for her. “They look out for me; they want what’s best.” Outside of the classroom, Cassidy has participated in student council and soccer.
⭐ Parent & Volunteer Testimonies 
Esperanza "Hope" Martinez | Volunteer at AMS
Hope has been an incredible addition the AMS Camelback Firebird Family. Hope has two children that attend Camelback, Fernando in kindergarten and Joselyn, in seventh grade. Hope volunteers during our lunch and recess periods as a monitor. She also volunteers time in her children’s classrooms as a guest, helping students learn fundamentals in reading and writing. Hope can regularly be seen at Camelback sporting events and fundraisers, cheering on her Firebird Family.
Yessey Alvarez | Parent at AMS
Yessey is the mother of students; Anthony (4th), Nathan (1st), and Henry (Kindergarten), at Camelback. Yessey appreciates that the teachers at Camelback meet her students at their cognitive ability level and work to challenge them to reach higher by setting goals and monitoring progress. She is impressed with our curricula programs and believes the extended school day schedule is perfect to keep students focused on academics and extracurricular involvement. “My children need to focus and having the day end later than most schools gives them the help and support they need to be successful.”