Camelback News

Students vs Staff Basketball Game


The second annual student vs staff basketball game will take place on Friday, May 10. Last year, staff sealed the victory with a 43-32 win over the student. The evening took on some interesting dynamics as at one point, teachers were tied together in pairs to even the odds against students. This year, all are looking forward to what is in store. here...

AMS Camelback "Houses" Complete Yearly Competition


Since last July, students at AMS Camelback have been placed in communities called "houses," each house named after a famous scientist or mathematician. Throughout the year, our houses compete for points by demonstrating positive behavior traits on campus. On Friday, April 19, students had the opportunity to see where their hard work landed them. First place winners got to throw pies in the face of Principal Toci, second place winners got to tape Assistant Principal Walker to a wall, third place winners had the opportunity to apply make-up to Assistant Principal Keller’s face, and fourth place winners got to dye the hair of Anthony Grizzard, the Dean of Students, pink, using temporary hair dye.