Mr. Lau is our Computer Science/ Technology teacher and this is his fourth year at AMS Flower. Mr. Lau taught Technology, Science, Math, and Computer Science in the past.

Mr. Lau lived in different countries before he came to the United States. He was born and grew up in Hong Kong. He studied and taught in state schools to 5 to 16-year-old students when he lived in the United Kingdom. He also lived in Spain for many years. So, he also speaks Spanish and he enjoys Spanish culture. While he was in Spain, he had experience working with bilingual students in two international schools. Living in different countries gives Mr. Lau opportunities to expose himself to different cultural experiences. He learns and appreciates the diversities of different cultures. All these experiences broadened his horizons and enhanced mutual understanding of people around him.


Mr. Lau graduated from the University of London, the UK with a Bachelor of Science (honors) degree in Math, Economics & Statistics and a Postgraduate of Certificate in Education in Math and Technology Teaching. Mr. Lau enjoys using and teaching technology, he always finds opportunities for professional development; some of the certificates and diplomas he earned including Computer Repair & Maintenance, Network Management, Using Interactive Whiteboard Technology in the Classroom, Application of New Technology in Education, Coding & Robotic and Computer Science Discoveries.


Mr. Lau likes Photography, Cooking, Graphic Design, Sightseeing, and Art. His favorite things are Siesta, Guitar and Piano Music, Spicy Food, Chinese Dim Sum, Fried Chicken, Spanish & Mexican Food, Hot Dogs & Hamburgers, and Ice Cream.