For success in today's global economy, students need a well-rounded education that builds effective communication, mathematical, scientific, and reasoning skills. At the Academies of Math and Science (AMS), our curriculum helps students develop critical skills that set them on the path to lifelong success. We employ challenging, research-based, and field-tested curricula that consistently meet Arizona state standards and exceed parent expectations. 


➗ Math

The Academies of Math and Science curriculum infuses critical thinking and mathematical skills into every grade level. Beginning in kindergarten, AMS students develop skills in number sense, algebraic operations, measurement, data analysis, mathematical thinking, and geometry. Our program, Into Math, coupled with the math integration into our science program, teaches our students to apply math skills outside of the classroom and learn the relevance of math in today’s world.


The AMS science program is thorough and challenging at all grade levels; Activate for K-5th grade scholars and Edmentum for 6-8th grade scholars. AMS students immerse themselves in earth science, physical science, and life science studies with an emphasis on how to use the scientific method to understand, explain, replicate, question, and design their own inquiries in different scientific fields both inside and outside of the classroom. Our robotics club, science Olympiad team and a long-standing participation in the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) provide students the opportunity to experience relevant real-world applications of scientific knowledge built in the classroom. 

📚 Language Arts

The AMS language arts curriculum encompasses all the necessary skills students need to become effective communicators, scholars and helps students develop a lifelong love of learning. Our program emphasizes decoding, comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening. Students explore a range of genres including poetry, plays, autobiographies, realistic fiction, non-fiction, biographies, historical fiction, folktales, and many more. Our writing program encourages students to hone their written skills in both fiction and nonfiction. Our students often go on to become award-winning writers in local writing competitions across various genres. 

🌎 Social Studies

In the 21st century, modern students must be global thinkers. The AMS social studies program explores both historical and contemporary global events, world history and U.S. history and geography, and government and economics. Students learn about the influence of past cultures on current events and culture. AMS students study a range of cultures and history from around the globe and in the United States, and explore how a wealth of cultures have shaped our country into the nation it is today. Students build an understanding of their role in their community and learn how strong communities are built upon their own effort and partnership with others. Government studies focus on the identification, interpretation, and analysis of US and international government and economic functions. 

🎨 Art

An integral part of our curriculum, the AMS art program is structured in levels centered around the 14 elements and principles of art and design. Art projects at all grade levels introduce or reinforce critical concepts and vocabulary while offering students practice in various media and techniques. Hands-on practice encourages the mastery and retention of core concepts. The art program reinforces other curriculum areas by providing a real-world connection between math, language arts, science, social studies, and the arts. For example, younger students explore patterns and symmetry through a pattern bugs project. Older students create visual models and sculptures to represent different concepts in science or social studies.

💻 Technology

At AMS, we emphasize computer literacy and its applications in today’s technologically advanced world. We provide grade-appropriate instruction in a multitude of hardware and software applications ranging from Microsoft Word to programming robots. Students build technological vocabulary while applying newfound knowledge towards the creation of digital products. Our computer instruction program also facilitates the application of expanding knowledge by providing opportunities to actively and safely participate in internet research projects and related activities. These activities enable students to navigate through a wide range of reference sources, further building their ability to investigate and learn in other curriculum areas. AMS provides computer instruction as a tool for lifelong learning, with the application of skills both inside and outside of the classroom. 

🎓 Special Education (SPED)

The Academies of Math & Science fully comply with the requirements of Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and strive to provide meaningful participation for every student with disabilities in the general education under our inclusion model. The inclusion of SPED students in our full academic program is facilitated through direct services, consultation, and support offered by Special Education Teachers and Special Education support staff. 

✏️ Homework

Homework is an essential part of our school program. Students are assigned homework daily (amount varies from grade to grade). Homework reinforces and extends learning initiated in the classroom, instills a good work ethic in students, and builds critical project completion habits.