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7785 W. Peoria Ave. Peoria, AZ 85345
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Meet Principal Kristina Winters of AMS Peoria Advanced.



AMS Peoria Advanced is a tuition-free, public charter school founded in 2019. The Academies of Math and Science serves grades K-8, offers private-school education at no cost to parents, and high-quality, award-winning, college-prep STEAM academics. Families love our team of caring and dedicated teachers, foreign language and music programs, and after-school care and sports.
AMS Peoria Advanced is dedicated to our parents that want the best for their children; we are dedicated to our students that deserve our love, care, and all of our intelligence; we are dedicated to the scholars that have not been challenged by other schools; and we are dedicated to every child who will always find safety at AMS, other kids who care about them, and adults who are always willing to listen and help them in their academic or personal lives.


Being Part of the Community with AMS Peoria Advanced Principal Kristina Winters
In this video, Principal Kristina Winters of AMS Peoria Advanced talks about how involving parents and stakeholders within the community creates the best education advantage for elementary and middle school children.
The curriculum and i-Ready advantages at the Academy of Math & Science
In this video, Principal Kristina Winters of AMS Peoria Advanced shares the diverse curriculum and individual assessment tools AMS utilizes to create advanced scholar’s from kindergarten through 8th grade.

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