Our Story

In 1994, Academies of Math and Science (AMS) founder Tatyana Chayka emigrated to the United States from Uzbekistan during the dissolution of the USSR. When she first arrived, Ms. Chayka searched for a tuition-free school that could offer her son the well-rounded education she believed would prepare him for a bright future. Unable to find it, she founded our flagship school, the Academy of Math and Science Prince, in 2002. AMS Prince opened with just 30 students in Tucson, Arizona. AMS Prince
AMS growth chart
Over twenty years later, AMS serves over 8,500 students and families across 10 schools in Tucson, Phoenix, and virtually. Every day, our teachers and staff give students the instruction, resources, and support they need to be successful.
As long as there are communities in need, AMS hopes to grow and bring our proven program and its results to thousands more students. We believe in the work we do to provide students with the best education in the best environment.

We believe that our mission as educators is not to predict the future, but to shape it. We ensure that our academic program prepares scholars for a world we cannot yet envision. Our program ensures that AMS scholars are able to:
• Produce, comprehend, and analyze the written and spoken word
• Calculate, compute, and model complex mathematical equations and scenarios
• Leverage technology to maximize impact and increase efficiency.