Meet Nurse Yvette Villa

Yvette Villa is a native to the Valley of the Sun, born and raised in the Foothills of South Mountain. Mrs. Villa attended South Mountain Community College and that's where her passion began. With 8 years in the medical field, Mrs. Villa has had many different experiences in health care. This will be Mrs. Villa's first year at Academy of Math & Science and she's excited to take on this new adventure.
Mrs. Villa likes traveling and learning all types of cuisine. In her spare time, she takes pleasure in hosting and cooking for her family and friends. She's also amused by nature. She enjoys hikes and sightseeing at national parks.
Mrs. Villa is looking forward to caring and aiding all of our scholars at the Peoria Advanced campus this year, with a warm heart and gentle care. Mrs. Villa's goals are to create a healthy and safe environment, so that all learners feel capable and heathy to continue down the road of success.