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The Academy of Math and Science - Flower is a public charter school in Phoenix that serves grades K-8 and offers a private-school education at no cost to parents, and high-quality, award-winning, college-prep STEM academics. Families love our team of caring and dedicated teachers, foreign language and music programs, and after-school care and sports.


This School Was Made for You & Your Child


The Academy of Math and Science is dedicated to our Phoenix parents that want the best for their children; we are dedicated to our students that deserve our love, care, and all of our intelligence; we are dedicated to the scholars that have not been challenged by other schools; and we are dedicated to every child who will always find safety at AMS, other kids who care about them, and adults who are always willing to listen and help them in their academic or personal lives.

SUMMARY - FY 2019 Adopted Budget for AMS Flower
Click the link below to review FY19 annual financial report for your school.

News Alert 4/30/20
Hello AMS Flower Community! We will be applying for the 21st Century grant this year. The grant requires to notify the public of our intent to apply. We are still in the initial stages of the application but we hope to share more details if we are awarded. Stay tuned!
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