Dress Code

👔 Uniform Dress Code Policy

The school has the responsibility to promote the basic rules of sanitation, safety, neatness, and modesty while on campus. Research has demonstrated that schools with dress codes set a tone for serious study, facilitate school pride, and enhance overall school safety. The uniform policy may be subject to change upon notification of parents throughout the school year. All modifications and changes are up to the discretion of the principal and administrative staff as needs arise. 

👖 Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Skorts

Tan, khaki, or navy blue uniform pants or shorts, no more than 4 pockets at the waist. Hems or cuffs at the bottom and fit to waist within 2 inches (no baggy pants). Belts (optional): black or brown leather with brass buckles only. No sweatpants or stretchy materials including leggings. All shorts, skorts, and skirts must be at most 2 inches above the knee. No jeans, jeggings, or jean shorts of ANY kind. All apparel must be free of logos and graphics with the exception of the school logo. 

👚 Shirts/Sweaters

Navy, baby blue, or white 2-3 button polo shirt with collar and no logos (with the exception of the school logo). The first button must start at the top of the collar. Shirt must cover the top edge of the pants when arms are raised or remain tucked and must fit the appropriate size of the individual. Undershirts MUST be in solid blue or white. Jackets/sweaters must be full length and zippered or buttoned and MUST be solid navy, royal blue, baby blue, or white. All apparel must be free of logos and graphics with the exception of the school logo. 
Note: All other AMS Shirts may be worn on Fridays ONLY.

👟 Shoes

Tennis shoes/dress shoes are encouraged and recommended. Heels no more than 1 inch. No shoes with wheels. No flip-flops or slippers of any kind. 
🧣 Additional Dress Code Information
All apparel with the school logo may be worn, except  t-shirts. In addition to the Uniform Dress Code above, several other restrictions are routinely enforced. Bandannas, either worn or carried, are prohibited. No hats, hoods, or visors are permitted in the buildings. Unnatural hair color or body art, which is distracting, is not permitted. Piercing of the nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue, etc. are prohibited. Piercings are allowed in ears only. 
*Students who violate the Dress Code policy are subject to disciplinary action.