Parking Lot Procedures

A Note from Ms. Johnson:


Hi AMSPA families!! 


It’s Ms. Johnson here with an EXTREMELY important message to all of our incoming scholars and parents.  I have been working HARD on our school traffic plans over the past several weeks, as construction has really started to come together.  I have our drop off and dismissal maps ready for you to reference. 


Please keep in mind, our #1 goal is to ensure the safety of all students, parents, and staff members for each of our drop off and dismissal times.  In order to ensure we meet this goal, we are going to need parents to be very mindful of the maps, signs, and parking lot personnel AT ALL TIMES! 


This will be the first time for everyone, so we need you to please exercise your patience as we work through this process and make any adjustments necessary over the first two weeks of school.  If there are any updates to this plan, you will receive an email when that happens. 


Again, AMS is committed to managing traffic and parking in a safe and effective manner for the benefit of its students and the community. The purpose of the Arrival and Dismissal Procedure is to ensure the safety of all student as the utmost priority. The procedure also maximizes the efficiency of the drop off/dismissal process.

For the safety of all students, please adhere to the directives in this procedure.



Drop Off and Dismissal General Rules -

  • Always yield to the directions given by AMS parking lot staff.
  • Our parking lot is a one way only. You must always turn to the right, when you enter the parking lot at our main entrance.  Our flow follows a counterclockwise rotation, at all times.
  • The speed limit in the parking lot is 10mph.
  • Stop signs are strategically placed and must be acknowledged at all times.
  • The right gate leading to 79th will only be open for special events. This gate will remain locked at all other times.