Our Approach

Excellence follows excellence

Providing motivated students in grades K-8 a top-quality education.


We believe that smart students are well-rounded. Not only do we consistently perform well above average in state exams, but we also offer students a balanced education that includes STEM, technology, foreign languages (Russian and Mandarin), music (piano, guitar, choir, and theory), art, and character development.


We hire the best teachers and use the best methods, systems, and programs available to reach our mission of sending kids to college. Our program is built to provide motivated students in grades K-8 a top-quality education, enabling them to succeed in extremely competitive high school programs and ultimately, college. Each child’s success depends on us, and we are confident that we can reach all children who are willing to put in the effort to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.


Our theory of change is that excellence follows excellence. As a school network, we only open schools in neighborhoods with a lack of high quality schools. This is what we are passionate about. We know there are motivated scholars and parents in all neighborhoods throughout Arizona, and we intend to reach as many of them as possible. Our goal is for all of our schools to perform at the highest levels as compared with Arizona schools and schools abroad. By reaching success in each of these neighborhoods, we hope to inspire other charter networks to do the same.



“This is my son’s fifth year at AMS. I love the way that teachers and administrators take an interest in my child. Everyone is helpful, kind, and really goes the extra mile to help. He has gone from a child that detested school to one who enjoys it and participates in academic extra-curricular activities. With the current teacher shortage in Arizona, staffing is an issue for a lot of schools. AMS has really put a tremendous amount of thought into who is in their classrooms. I would recommend this school to everyone looking for a dynamic and well-rounded education for their children.”


-AMS parent