First Grade Nighthawks!. My Name is Ashley Puleo. You may call me Ms. Puleo. I'am super excited to meet each and everyone of my students as well as their family members. Here is a little about myself. I’am currently a single mom to a six year old boy named Isaiah,and the reason why I'am taking a break from pursing my masters degree in liberal arts administration/principal degree is to help my son during his first year of school that’s why I’am taking a break and I will continue that journey in august of “2022”. This will be my first year teaching first grade here at the Academy of Math and Science. Prior to teaching here I taught Head Start for the last seven years which was a great experience. I wanted a challegens is why I took on another grade level. When I'am not at school teaching I mostly spend time with my son, and my mother and father we are a very close family and we enjoy spending time watching movies mostly children and funny ones. Also, we love to have a cook outs during the summer months and swim at my aunt's house every Saturday or Sunday. Alos, I have five chichaua’s, one pitbull, and five adult cats and three baby kittens that I take care of that are outside cats.

I’am so hyped for this school year were going to have fun learning together. So lets make it a great one to remember!!!!!!