Mr. E's Bio

Mr. E received his Bachelor's degree from Fort Hays State University. He has taught English language learners in Thailand, South Korea and China. While in South Korea, Mr. E was responsible for training English speaking scholars who then became part of the Teach & Learn in Korea (TaLK) program. 
Mr. E loves to travel and has visited over 14 countries. He prides himself in exploring the outdoors, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures and languages. If you are ever in Chicago, please stop by Chicago Bagel Authority (CBA) where Mr. E has a sandwich named in his honor, "The Good Rick."
He was also proudly featured in 'Welcome, Portraits of America,' which played at Customs and Immigration locations across the United States for almost 10 years.
He is excited to join the Academies of Math & Science, Glendale and looks forward to a great school year.