Physical Distancing

Classroom and Common Area Procedures:

Following physical distancing protocols will limit the spread of COVID-19. Staff, scholars, and
visitors are required to maintain physical distancing as much as possible.


  • Scholars should maintain physically distancing as much as possible during lunch periods.
  • Scholars will be grouped according to class seating charts to minimize potential spread of COVID-19.
  • Reminder signs and markers will remind scholars of physical distancing and queuing procedures.
  • Scholars will be reminded and encouraged to not share food.

Hallways & Transitions:

  • Limited interaction between classes is encouraged.
  • Where applicable, one-way directional routes in hallways are developed.
  • Floor directional signs and markers will be continually used to maintain a fluid flow of student
    traffic during transition periods.


  • Classrooms will be arranged in a standard column/row configuration.
  • Seating charts will remain the same in all classrooms for rotating scholars. For example, the seating chart will remain the same in Language Arts and Math. 
  • At the discretion of the campus Principal, departmentalized classes will have teachers moving between classrooms in lieu of scholars. A staff member will monitor scholars as teachers switch classrooms for subjects. Scholars will only transition to Specials Classes, Science Lab, lunch, and recess.
  • Teachers may use small group learning during class but should maintain physical distancing as much as possible. 

For our complete COVID-19 safety policy and procedures, please see our Mitigation Plan.