Mask Wearing Policies (Staff and Scholars)

Face Masks or Coverings Face Masks or coverings are mandatory for all scholars. 

Visitor and Parent Procedures 

All parents and visitors will be required to wear a face mask or cloth face covering when visiting the campus, regardless of vaccination status. 
Visitors will not be permitted within classrooms. 
Parents will be encouraged to contact the school via phone if they have any specific issues or questions rather than coming to the campus. 

Volunteer Procedures:

Volunteers are permitted on campus and classrooms with approval from the campus administration. Volunteers are required to follow all COVID-related processes and procedures, including the wearing of face masks or coverings.
Policies & Procedures:

Face Masks/Cloth Face Coverings
Face masks/cloth face coverings are required to be worn by all employees. 

Any time a mask or cloth face covering is worn, it is required to be work-appropriate and meets the requirements outlined in the policy. 
Training: all employees can view a short video on the proper way to put on and remove a face covering. 
Watch the video here: How to Put on & Remove a Face Mask.
Employees who believe they need a reasonable accommodation because they are unable to wear a face mask or cloth face covering should contact Emily Willis, Director of Human Resources.
For our complete COVID-19 safety policy and procedures, please see our Mitigation Plan.

Update: (March 10, 2022)
Over the last month, we have experienced significant decreases in COVID-19 cases in our schools and counties. With the recent trends in COVID-19 data from the Arizona Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control, and in conjunction with our own internal data, we have made the decision to transition to a mask optional policy beginning on March 28, 2022. This decision is based on our current case counts, past trends, and with guidance from Maricopa County officials. 
We don’t make this decision lightly and understand that it might cause strong feelings for those in favor of masks and those strongly opposed. We believe this transition is the best for our scholars and school communities as we finish the school year. If needed, we may return to utilizing mask mitigation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at schools in the case of increased positive cases. 

While masks will be optional beginning March 28, 2022, we will continue to monitor cases and enforce our mitigation procedures. These include:
  • Daily cleaning of all areas using EAP approved disinfectants known to kill the COVID-19 virus. 
  • Requiring single-person use of school supplies to prevent the spread of the virus. 
  • Continued use of sanitization stations in our hallways and classrooms. 
  • Following established isolation and quarantine guidelines when a scholar or staff member tests positive. 
  • Discouraging physical contact between scholars, such as hugging. 
  • Not permitting visitors to our classrooms. 
  • Using one-way transitions, when available. 
  • Following COVID-19 regulations for sports, based on CAA offerings. 
  • Encouraging parents to conduct COVID-19 symptom screenings on their scholars before bringing them to campus. 
We encourage scholars and staff who prefer to wear a mask to continue to wear a mask to their comfort level.