Mrs. Stjepanovic is a Special Education Teacher for Virtual Instruction at Advanced Virtual Academy. She was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, lived in Serbia for 10 years, prior to moving to New York City in 2009 where she currently resides.

In 2011, Mrs. Stjepanovic earned her first master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Belgrade in Serbia. This year she graduated from Grand Canyon University and earned her second master’s degree in Special Education. This comprehensive knowledge that she gained at the two different universities helped her learn different strategies and tools to support diverse learners in achieving educational excellence. Throughout her teaching career, Mrs. Stjepanovic had an opportunity to work with young children and youth through the formal education system as well as different extracurricular programs.

Family is her main priority and regardless of busy days, she ensures to spend time with her husband. He is a professional chef and they enjoy exploring various and rich cuisines that New York City offers. She also enjoys virtual family time with her family members who live overseas. Mrs. Stjepanovic fulfills her days with different sports and recreational activities. She actively plays, coaches, and officiates volleyball. Mrs. Stjepanovic is also passionate about dancing and kayaking. Often, she spends hot summer days kayaking on the East River and cold winter days dancing modern jazz with her favorite dance choreographer at the Alvin Ailey’s Dance School.

Mrs. Stjepanovic looks forward to meeting her students and assisting them in mastering their academic skills. Happy beginning of the new school year!