About Ms. Osborn

Ms. Mariah Osborn wants to welcome you to middle school science at Advanced Virtual Academy! It is her honor to teach your students this year. Science is her passion and she cannot imagine teaching anything else. Hands-on, minds-on learning is what drives her curriculum and teaching philosophy. Her classroom runs on engagement, positivity, and a little bit of chaos.
Ms. Osborn was born in Illinois and moved to Colorado after being adopted. Her family moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1994. She found her love of science in Texas while working as a horseback trainer and professional barrel racer. She graduated from Northwest Vista College with an A.S. and A.A to pursue her passions in the medical field. She then worked in the medical field for 4 years before deciding to follow her family's profession as a 4th generation teacher. She moved to Colorado Springs from Texas in 2014 to attend the University of Colorado Colorado Springs UTeach program, where she earned a B.A. in Biology with an emphasis in secondary education in 2018. She loves teaching science so much that she is currently pursuing a Master of Natural Sciences Education and will graduate in 2021.
Ms. Osborn has an 11 year old daughter who she loves watching TV, going hiking, going to Dutch Bros (her favorite is the 911 hot), and eating at Chick-fil-A with. Her favorite trails in the Rocky Mountains have rivers, waterfalls, or streams to cool off in. Her favorite TV shows to watch are Charmed, Boy Meets World, Gilmore Girls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. During her spare time, she enjoys traveling and her favorite travel destination is the beach! She have driven from Colorado to the west coast beaches 3 times and from Colorado to the east coast beaches once. On her second trip to California, she stopped by Sedona and Flagstaff. Flagstaff reminded her of all of the mountain towns in Colorado. She also likes to take day trips in Colorado to Salida, Breckenridge, Aspen, and Buena Vista. A fun fact is the Colorado Plateau rock formation in her neighborhood runs all the way down to Phoenix! She has two cats named River and Max who you will probably meet because they enjoy interrupting her while she works.
Click HERE for a video introduction from Ms. Osborn!
Ms. Osborn has an open door policy and enjoys hearing from parents. Please feel free to contact her through email or phone if you have any questions or concerns.