Kerrie Van Curan

My name is Kerrie Van Curan and I am a first year teacher at the Academies of Math and Science.I am originally from Central Texas where I gained experience working with middle school students as an instructional aide. This is the point I fell in love with teaching and I began school at Ashford University where I graduated with my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. A few years later I gained experience working with children ages three to six in a primary Montessori classroom. During this time I went back to school at Ashford University where I graduated with my Master's in Education with a concentration in Child Development. In December of 2018 I moved to Phoenix, AZ and I love it here.
Not only do I have experience through working with children, but I am a mother as well. I have three daughters, ages 9 months, 6 years, and 11 years. I feel that this is important to note in order to communicate that I have experience from a parent's perspective as well.
Saying that leads me to my teaching philosophy. First and foremost I believe that a strong relationship between the parent and the teacher is vital to the success of the student. When children understand that both their parents and teachers are invested in their education the child feels more supported and encouraged. I also believe in teaching to the whole child, meaning that I will support their academic growth as well as their social-emotional and physical development as well. This is in order to help them grow into global citizens and independent and innovative thinkers.