Meet Ms. Suzan Gresham

Ms. Gresham attended Sam Houston State University graduating with a Batchelor of Arts in Teaching, Minor in Geography and an endorsement in Kindergarten. After graduating, she started her teaching carreer in Texas.  She has taught Kindergarten for 15 years, First Grade for 6 years, and Third Grade for 2 years. She moved to Abu Dhabi where she taught 2nd Grade for 7 years. During her years in Abu Dhabi, she worked with Zayed University mentoring student teachers.

She has been in and out of the state of Arizona for most of her life. She moved to  Arizona in 2019 from Abu Dhabi to be with family. She enjoys exploring different areas of Arizona and experiencing different cultures through art and food.
She is looking forward to working with scholars and parents using current best teaching practices, fostering scholar's cognitive, emotional and social growth.