Meet Ms. Lydia Quince

Ms. Lydia Quince is University of California, Los Angeles alumna with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She taught conversational English to international business professionals, and foreign languages to children after graduation. Ms. Quince moved to Arizona in 2002 and was given opportunity to teach 6-8 Mathematics at a K-8 school for three years. The following year she accepted an assignment to teach high school English, Journalism, and Yearbook. Ms. Quince realized she missed teaching Mathematics at the K-8 level so she enrolled at ASU West's Arizona State College of Teacher Education and Leadership. She continued working as a teacher, substitute, and paraprofessional at private, parochial, public and charter schools in West Phoenix. Ms. Quince dedicated ten years at a rural K-8 school in Regular and Special Education along side her mentor teaching and supporting students in the 3 R’s; Reading, (w)Riting, and (a)Rithmatic. Ms. Quince joined AMS in 2019 as paraprofessional and was promoted to third grade teacher. The experience was so positive that she is returning for her second tour of duty with incoming third grade scholars!
When Lydia is not in educator mode, she is in lifelong learner mode! She loves foreign languages - she speaks conversational Spanish, French, and Italian. Japanese and German are keeping her busy this summer. She also enjoys time in nature. Her next trick will be to get a passport and put those languages to use abroad. In the meantime, she wants to get a gaming system and learn to play the latest video games.

Ms. Quince looks forward to meeting each scholar one-on-one, learning about their dreams and interests, and finding ways to align their curiosity with the curriculum.