Featured People

🏫 Featured Teacher - Ms. Boone, 5th Grade ELA

Featured Teacher

Welcome! I am a 5th and 6th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. This is my second year teaching, and also my second year at AMS Desert Sky. I have a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in English, along with an endorsement that allows me to provide additional help to Spanish speaking students. My Spanish speaking and listening skills need more practice, but I can read and write in Spanish rather well.


I am very excited to be at AMS Desert Sky for another year, and I’m excited to see how much all of us can grow together. This year, I am going to be focusing on encouraging our students to show F.I.R.E., preparing them to be successful on state exams, positive communication, and putting academic power in the hands of students.


🏫 Featured Teacher - Mr. Kroehler, 3rd - 8th Grade Music

Featured Teacher2My name Rob Kroehler; the kids usually call me Mr. K. I hold a Master’s Degree from ASU in Music Education, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. I have worked extensively in the music industry as a touring musician, session musician, engineer, producer, writer and composer. I'm passionate about empowering others to become the musicians they want to be by facilitating FUN learning opportunities. When not doing music stuff, I like to do freelance journalism, drink loads of coffee, watch basketball, dance awkwardly and spend as much time as possible with my wife, Betsy, and our two lovely kiddos, Lola & Hutch.

👩🎓 Featured Students

Analiah | 4th Grade Student

"My mom thought this was a smarter school for me and that I would learn more. She was right! I've been learning! Mostly division and multiplication...I'm so fast at it! Next year I am going to do track. I think it looks so fun. I wasn't ready [this year]. I always tell my cousins. They should come here. They will learn a lot more things. We do really fun things, and we also give to charities. My teacher Mr. Crump is very nice and funny."

⭐ Parent & Volunteer Testimonies

"My granddaughter was having a lot of struggles at her old school. I heard that AMS offers tutoring and that was something their other school didn't. I had heard a lot of positive feedback from other parents who attended the Camelback campus too. The kids love it and I love what they have been learning! I have seen so much growth. I am even bringing my other grandson here for Kindergarten next year. As a parent, I like that everyone [here] cares about the students. Teachers pay attention to the kids and make sure they are learning. The school also goes out of their way to understand the kids' struggles outside of school. All the staff is friendly and makes it feel like a family."

- Maria Gonzalez | Grandmother & Guardian of 5th + 1st Grade Students