Principal's Message


The world is currently operating under uncertain terms. Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies—all of these are in high demand and short supply. Cars are parked in driveways while the parking lots of popular, “non-essential” businesses remain empty. Used gloves and face masks litter the entryways to grocery store chains, a testament to people’s simultaneous concerns and lack thereof. Panic and fear of the unknown hover at the front of people’s minds. In these bizarre times, focus has shifted to “What If’s?”

What if social distancing doesn’t come to an end?


What if the economy continues to crumble?


What if someone in my family gets sick?

In times like these, a positive mentality is the key to keeping yourself from going crazy considering the “What If’s?” of our current pandemic. We cannot control the future; we can only control what is around us in the present. Instead of asking yourself, “What if?” ask yourself, “What now?”

Now, more parents are available to be present in their kids’ lives more than ever before. Now, more opportunities for sleeping in and eating well open themselves to us. Now, the chance to take up a new hob-by looms in front of us. Now, the chance to watch all twenty seasons of that one show you love without feeling guilty exists. Now, the ability to strengthen our friendships, familial relationships, and our own love of ourselves is there. Now, the chances to show kindness, humanity, compassion, and care abound unlimited before us.

This is not to say the current conditions of our world should be downplayed. The coronavirus is serious, and its effects have been worldwide. It is easy, though, to get bogged down in the day-to-day negativity that floods us at every moment through Facebook, newspapers, TV, Instagram, and even TikTok videos. It is much harder to search for the silver lining in all of this. As the world comes at you with everything it has, as the world tries to weigh you down with its problems, as the world reminds you that sometimes you just have to let things go, ask yourself to find something positive that has come of this. Whether it’s something as small as being able to find your favorite pasta at the store or as big as reconnecting on the phone with family you haven’t talked to in a while, it’s a nice reminder that there are still good things going on when times are rough. Take the time at the end of each day to find the bright moments in your lives.

As always, don’t forget that Desert Sky is here to help. We care about our students, families, and staff equally. If you are in need, don’t be afraid to reach out. In this time of social distancing, having a community available to support you is still important. We are your community—stronger together and better together.