Study Island

is a Web-based program designed to help students master state and grade-appropriate standards for grades 3-8.

"Use it, or lose it" is a commonly used adage which explains why Study Island is so important. Study Island is an engaging tutorial and assessment program based upon the Arizona content standards for grades K-8 that will provide your children with needed academic stimulation. It provides Web-based instruction, practice, and instant feedback that will entertain and hold your child's interest. Although it is challenging in its academic content, Study Island is both fun and engaging and has been shown to improve academic skills and scores for all students.

Since Study Island is available for use year round, families are encouraged to have students practice skills during school breaks and summer vacation. 

Thank you for helping your child by encouraging them to get involved with Study Island. If your child has forgotten their username and/or password, please call the main office at (520) 293-2676.