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Romero's post high-school education began in 2008 at Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa. There is where she enrolled in the education program as an elementary education major. In 2012, she graduated from Upper Iowa with a bachelors degree in elementary education with an endorsement in pre-k through 3rd grade. 
Deratra Romero  Romero was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. In July 2019, AMS Glendale brought her to Phoenix, Arizona for the first time ever! Although her last name is now Romero, you may see it sometimes as her maiden name Hutton (i.e. her email address) due to her recent beginning of marriage.
"I am very excited for this school year and will strive with my best abilities to guide your child to the next grade level with the knowledge to succeed!"
-Mrs. Deratra Romero
Mrs. Romero hopes you find this site to be helpful and fun! This site is a work in progress, and is her goal to improve this website, each and every year with more links and important information for her students and their parents. This site will hopefully answer many of the questions that you all have throughout the year.
Mrs. Romero's classroom pages are the place to find most assignments and handouts. She realizes that many of those assignments and handouts go missing due to the fact the many dogs and/or siblings seem to have a great appetite for these papers LOL. If there is an assignment that you would like to have available that is not there already, please click on the "Contact Mrs. Romero" button and let her know.


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Homework 11/7/19

Worksheet p. 205-206
Sight words
Fact Homework 59B
Homework 59B

Homework 11/6/19

Practice November sight words
Class Fact Practice 57A/Fact Homework 57B
Class Fact Practice 58A/Fact Homework 58B

Homework 11/5/19

Read any book of your choice for at least 15 min. Record it on your reading log sheet.
Practice sight words
Fact Homework 56B
Homework 56B

Homework 11/4/19

"Parts of Speech" worksheet (pages 85-86)
Start Practicing November sight words
Homework 54B
Homework 55B

Homework 10/30/19

"Sounds and Spelling" worksheet, pages 185-186
Review October Sight Words
Fact Homework 53B 
Homework 53B

Homework 10/28/19

15 min reading from any book. Record on reading log sheets.
Fact Homework 51B
Homework 51B

Welcome to 1st grade at Academy of Math and Science - Glendale! We are looking forward to starting a brand new year. First grade is challenging yet exciting. This year we will focus on reading, writing, and math skills, along with science and social studies. Additionally, we will help your child develop social and emotional skills to last a lifetime!