Mr. Eaton attended Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania for his bachelor's degree in Secondary Science Education. He majored in Earth Science while also completing a Geology Minor. Mr. Eaton has worked with students from grades 7-12 for five years in York, Pennsylvania. Not only did he work with students in science classes, but he also coached boys' and girls' volleyball for five years. Mr. Eaton is one of the science teachers here at AMSPA for 5th, 6th, and 7th grades. One after school program he advises is Science Olympiad, a science competition team that will compete at regionals and hopefully states. 
Mr. Eaton grew up in York, Pennsylvania and decided moved out west to begin a new journey to expand his view on education. He is an avid volleyball, tennis, and table tennis player. He enjoys going on hikes and kayaking. His house was like a zoo. He owns three snakes while his family has dogs and cats as well. His family also rehabilitates injured wild birds of prey like eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, kestrels, and more! 


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Class Dojo

Make sure we are all on Class dojo! I post a lot more assignments and updates on class dojo because most families are and it is easier to reach out there. 
We have been sending invites to everyone just in case you did not. Please contact me: if you did not get an invite over the past few weeks when we've sent them out. 

Chap 2 Review HW 16

This is a review of our notes from class and the readings/notes you do for HW. This will some up all the content. There will be a 10 question Study Island unit test that we are required to take. 
Do this review please! This is #16 in your binder. 

7B Class Discussion

Hello all of 7B!
After handing out the test today, I realized that it was not a good idea because we did not have time to completely discuss all details in class. Handing out the completed notes but not talking about all the notes was not a good idea on my part. As a class, we decided to make this test more of a completion grade to see everyone attempt the questions. As long as you attempted the questions, in an appropriate manner, you will receive all participation points. 
We only meet on Mondays and Tuesdays. This does not provide us a lot of time to go over every single detail in class. After having a class conversation about how to go about the class this is what we, the class and I, decided:
1.) We will have small 5 question quizzes (no more tests).
2.) We will have little review sessions before quizzes. 
3.) To try and get as much content as we can in the little amount of time we have each week, I will find/create readings for you to read. You WILL have notes attached to the readings. This means your homework each week will be filling out the notes. This will allow class time to go over concepts that we are confused about and to use class for more activities/labs to enhance the notes you took. 
4.) That being said, everyone MUST complete the notes or else you WILL fall behind. We will not have time in class to go over every detail. You must be able to work on the content at home. I will be here to help out the best I can, but we must be responsible for our actions and assignments. 
I try to be as flexible and as understanding as possible to all my classes. Thank you for understanding and helping us, as a group, figure out a better way to approach our class. We will always be open for suggestions if things still are not working yet. We will find a way for all of us! 
Thank you again 7B!
- Mr. Eaton


Test on lab equipment, safety, ind/dep variables, hypothesis, scientific questions, and observations. 
This is a review sheet that gives you all the details you should be able to do and be familiar with for the test. Check on your class pages for notes or worksheets. Please contact me with any questions!
6B, 5A, 6A, 5B, 6C, 7B = Test on Monday the 19th
7A = Test on Thursday the 22nd. 

Scientific Questions vs NonScientific Notes

There are questions for you to try on your own first to see if you can answer them. Then on page 2 there are quick notes that explain what a scientific question is and what it is not!! There are examples for you to see and then space for you to try it out yourselves!!! This is also on the test! Please take a look! If you have questions, please email me or come see me!
Edit: notes should say Cannot be DISPROVEN or PROVEN

7A and 7B Class Information

To all of my 7th grade scholars,
I may have you take the notes online (most likely from here) so we can do more activities in class. Because both 7A and 7B only meet in Mr. Eaton's class twice a week (7B Mon-Tues) (7A Thurs-Fri), I want to make sure you get the most out of the time we have. We will see how this works. I want to do what is best for your classes. 
Homework will most likely be filling out notes or I may have all the notes printed for you but there will be homework to do to keep up with our curriculum. We will all do the best we can to make this work! I will make sure I post as much as possible on here!!
I am open for student suggestions on what might work best for you! Thank you! LET'S DO THIS!  :D

Lab Equipment Test Reminder (40 points)

Hello Everyone!
There will be a lab equipment test on Monday, August 19th for Sections 7B, 6A, 6B, 6C, 5A, and 5B! Section 7A will take it on Thursday, August 22nd! It is 40 points
There will be a few questions about the scientific process that we are covering this week too. I will not have as many questions on that topic because it is newer material. 
Test is multiple choice, some labeling, and some short answer. If students would like, I can make a review worksheet. 

Fossil Picture Inquiry Activity

This the the document the classes looked at for their fossil observation activity. Students are to observe the fossils and determine what animal they think it is. They had to support their thought based on the fossil features like, tail, limbs, head, teeth, shape, bone structure, and more. Groups then tried to determine what the animal ate, where it lived, and even how it moved based on their observations. 
This activity is used to introduce how important observations are instead of inferences. We use prior knowledge to help guide us but observing in detail is very important. 
This is posted for those students that missed class on Monday, August 12th. If you missed class, please write down on a piece of paper what animal you think it is (explain why based on the fossil features), what you think it eats(explain based on fossil features you see), where it lives (explain), and even how it might move around (explain).