My Bio




My name is Michael Robinson. I was born in Augsburg, Germany at a time my Father was deployed for military service overseas and was subsequently raised in the rural farming community of Gainesville, New York. Leaving my hometown at a young age for a new adventure in the U.S. Air Force, I served distinctly as a Security Police officer during a 20-year career in multiple locations worldwide. While at an overseas air base, I earned my master’s degree in education while simultaneously teaching criminal justice courses to military and civilian students for three years at an American college, in-country. After retiring four years ago, I returned to the States and had the honor and privilege to teach elementary and middle school students in two different public-school districts here in the valleys for two years. I find myself now honored again to be a part of the outstanding team at AMS to provide a service to our community by ensuring every student learns the most advanced curriculum and instruction. I am a proud Father of four beautiful children aged 8 years to 22 years old.

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