Welcome To Art 1- Mrs.Rough's class

               Hello Welcome to Art 1! My name is Mrs. Rough and I will be your child’s Art teacher this year😉
Art IS FUN!! As a new teacher to AMS this year I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.
Art has followed me through many stages of my life starting with receiving and accepting a high school art scholarship, to graduating with a BFA from a Art Institute; to now teaching students art. I am looking forward to teaching my students extraordinary art projects along with the use of multiple mediums. My goal this year is to get all my students involved and excited while appreciating the joy of making art.
               In Art 1 we will be producing LOTS of art! Half of my classes this year have Art once a week and the other half twice a week. If your student has Art twice a week they will most likely be producing multiple art pieces in one week. There will be some occasions that these art classes that meet twice a week will have projects that will take two days to finish so they will only be working on one project per week. My classes that meet once a week will be creating an art piece once a week. At AMS we love to share our students work with ALL our students and visitors that we welcome to our academy. Therefore, MANY of the student’s art work will be hung on Fridays and displayed in multiple areas throughout the school. I will grade them on Friday and choose a variety of pieces from each class to display through the school and return the rest the following week. The artwork that is hung, will be returned to the students by the end of the school year.
              MRS. ROUGH’s #1 Teacher Rule is….? Ask your child this question, when asked they should all know it, we have gone over this rule multiple times and will continue all school year. *When the teacher is talking to the class NOONE else should be talking!
              Materials: The only required material needed for ART 1 is a pencil with an eraser. If the students would like to bring in their own colored pencils and markers they are welcome to. ART 1 is and can be messy! I highly suggest the students bring in an old baggy shirt or apron to use as needed.
              Homework will Not be given out regularly and only be given on special occasion projects which the students will be given a paper with simple instructions on it when those projects arise😊
             *All work will be done in the classroom. A student who does not finish their work at the end of their art period may come in during their lunch or recess time and complete it quietly. Incomplete work will be graded as INCOMPLETE. I continuously remind and encourage all my students to take responsibility and recognition for their work, this includes completing or finishing on time.
I’m looking forward to a GREAT school year and I can’t wait to CREATE ART with my students!
If you have any questions please feel free to email me: brough@amsdesertsky.org