Meet Mr. Cristian Moldovan

Cristian Moldovan (Mr. Moldovan) received his Bachelor's degree in English Literature at the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences from Arizona State University in the spring semester of 2016. He majored in English Literature and minored in Philosophy. He has been with Academy of Math and Science for 1 year teaching Middle School ELA. Before that, he worked with special needs children of all ages and various subjects at AZ Aspire Academy in Tempe and Goodyear. 
Mr. Moldovan was born in Cluj, Romania and moved to Arizona with his family in 1995. He loves travelling and exploring all the wonderful places and hidden gems of Arizona. He also loves visiting California, Colorado, and Rocky Point, Mexico, and hopes to travel back to his home country of Romania and visit other countries in Europe. In his free time he loves reading works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. He also enjoys camping, meditation, hanging out with friends, and sports such as volleyball and racquetball.