AMS Flower News

AMS Flower 4th Grade Students Collaborate at the MIM


During an inaugural visit to the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), 4th grade students began their first "collaborative project-based learning" experience. Ms. Harper and Mrs. Cobb's classes joined the Music and Art Department educators at the MIM in a specially organized field trip that integrated fine arts with STEM education goals. AMS Flower 4th graders have begun a partnership with MIM that will continue for several years. When this year's class reaches 7th grade, their projects will culminate in presenting at the MIM itself. Each year, new 4th grade classes will begin the same process, allowing Flower students a unique opportunity for collaboration, research, and presentation experiences. 

Elementary Zoo Experience


This month, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students had the opportunity to visit the Phoenix Zoo. This opportunity was used to help wrap our kinder and 1st grade units on animal habitats and diets as well as our 2nd grade science units on exotic and endangered animals.