Featured People

👨🏫 Featured Teachers - Mr. Acosta 
Mr. Acosta is an Arizona native! He was born and raised in Phoenix but has also lived in New Jersey, Colorado, and the Bay Area. In college, Mr. Acosta originally majored in political science because he enjoyed debating both sides of a political issue. However, after a year he decided to switch to music education and we’re so glad he did because he’s an outstanding teacher!
Mr. Acosta is a professional musician and has toured the country many times. He has played for crowds of up to 5,000 people! He loves being able to share and pass on the skills he has as a musician and teacher. Music allows people to connect in a way that other things cannot. He finds it very rewarding when a student masters a new skill that they never thought they could.
👩🎓 Featured Students - Silvana | 8th Grade MASSA Student
Silvana has been a MASSA student for the past 2 years and is our Student Council President. She likes the high academics that MASSA offers and the high standards we have. She says that MASSA is a great school and the teachers help students; even if students don’t understand a lesson and teachers always help! According to Silvana, “MASSA is a great community to be in!”
⭐ Parent & Volunteer Testimonies - Natalie Marquez, MASSA Parent
"I chose to volunteer because my children attend school here and I love the staff and children. I have the availability and can utilize my skills...I love to be helpful and be able to stay close to my children. I chose this school because I want my children to have a good education and I feel that MASSA is the best opportunity for that."