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Featured Teacher - Anastasia Gorshkova, English Language Arts Teacher

My name is Anastasia Gorshkova and I teach English Language Arts to 6th and 7th graders at AMS.  I came to the United States from Russia when I was only 7 and had to learn English very quickly. I developed a passion for writing and reading in high school, where I started writing a novel. In order to pursue my passion, I attended the University of Arizona, where I obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts in Creative Writing.
Before teaching ELA, I was teaching Russian to students here at AMS and also at the sister-school, MASSA. Before that, I was math paraprofessional at La Paloma Academy and I also taught Russian as an intern at Sabino High School.
I chose AMS due to the smaller class sizes and the fact that there were interesting electives that students can take: Mandarin, Russian, Piano and Guitar. I love that AMS is a very big family – we all support one-another. During my free time, I am working on finishing my novel and working out at the gym.

Featured Student - John Sloan | 4th Grade Student at AMS Prince


I am very proud of myself because I always do very well on AzMERIT. My teachers work hard to make sure that I will do my best. This year I am a member of the Performing Arts Club.  Our last performance was really good. I am very proud of my part in it.


I like AMS because we get to use Chromebooks to do research and to take tests. We also use Chromebooks to help us practice skills that we are learning in class. I really like the breaks that we get during the school year. I come back rested and ready to learn more. I really like the teachers here because they teach us a lot of things and they make it challenging. It is a fun place to go to school.

⭐ Parent & Volunteer Testimonies

"We were worried that our shy five-year-old would get swallowed up in a large public school classroom. We were initially attracted to AMS for the small class sizes, individual attention, Grade A school performance and electives including art, music and a foreign language every week beginning in Kindergarten. Over the last five years, AMS has become our family. Our child has thrived since entering the school and continues to receive the one-on-one attention that has helped him to flourish. He especially enjoys the after school activities including robotics and STEM. Thank you AMS! We look forward to another four years with your school!"
Helena Seymour | AMS Parent