Featured People


Featured Teacher - Mika Allen, 3rd Grade Teacher


My name is Mika Allen. I am originally from the East Coast. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus in Sociology and Elementary Education. I started teaching in 2014 and have been teaching at AMS Prince for 4 years.


Why did I start teaching? There’re countless reasons ranging from receiving tremendous satisfaction watching a child discover new learning to simply just being there for a student that feels alone. However, the reason that stands out the most is that there is nothing better than having one of my students realize they’re stronger and more resilient than they ever thought possible. As a teacher, no two days are ever alike. The variety of people you encounter, the changing challenges, the daily discoveries all combine to make teaching an interesting and engaging adventure. My main goal for this year is to have 100% passing rate on the state test. The great poet William Butler Yeats said it the best, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”

Featured Student - Melanie | Student at AMS Prince

I really like AMS because teachers are always teaching us new things. Teachers explain things in a way that I can understand. I like that we can join clubs and get help with our homework. I stay after school to do cross country. My favorite subject is math because Ms. Gonzalez is very helpful. She helps me understand when I am confused.

⭐ Parent & Volunteer Testimonies

Mara K. | AMS Parent Volunteer
I volunteer with the Booster Club and in any other way that I can for the school, because I think it's important to have parent involvement. I know that my son loves that I am involved with the school; helping with the Booster Club and class volunteering. Knowing that I care and want to be involved, inspires him to participate more in school.
Also, the teachers at AMS work so hard with our kids. I believe that it's important they have support as well. That's why the Booster Club helps to organize teacher appreciation brunches and treats. Helping to raise funds and supply donations allows us and the school to provide exciting incentives for the kids. Also, snacks during testing time help keep them focused. We also donate money to the bookstore that teachers can purchase books for their classes that excite the kids into reading.
What I like specifically about AMS is the curriculum. If my son was not in AMS, at the level the grades are taught, he would be bored and get in trouble. AMS gives him the education that he needs. I also hear about things that are not taught at other schools, such as cursive and reading analog clocks for example. I don't have to worry about that, because he's learned those skills at AMS. I also appreciate that bullying is not tolerated at all.
Vanessa H. | AMS Parent
I wanted to take the time and let you know our experience at AMS. My daughter Lucy is new to this school, and just started 3rd grade. She has the pleasure of having Ms. Allen and Mrs. Shepard. Based on our previous experiences with different districts (TUSD and Flowing Wells) this school is by far her best experience. You have a great staff, that is wonderful to my child but also welcoming to me as well. I appreciate the fact I can pop in and volunteer in the class and stay in consistent communication via dojo.
In all, I am very happy with this school, and want to thank you and your staff for making my daughter's 3rd grade experience a pleasant one.