Meet Mr. Erick Rodriguez

             Mr. Erick Rodriguez attended the University of Phoenix and earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He has worked with all age groups in a counseling setting. His extensive work includes working with at-risk youth, children, and youth with disabilities, depression, and all types of mental health conditions. He is originally from southern California and moved to Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and four children. Mr. Rodriguez has been teaching at the Academy of Math and Science for six years. Mr. Rodriguez has taught both 2nd grade and 3rd grade in the past and is currently teaching 3rd grade ELA and SS at the Peoria Advanced campus.


              Mr. Rodriguez enjoys being home with his wife and children who are 11, 9, 7, and 4. He enjoys running, playing all sports, watching movies, and finding time to take a nap. He loves going to California every summer, winter, and spring break.


              Mr. Rodriguez is anxiously awaiting the return of school. He loves working with children and helping them succeed not only with Arizona standards and testing but in life. He has a few mottos that sum up his teaching style. They are: “Work Hard, Play Hard!”, “There is a time and a place for everything”, and “Life is about learning from your mistakes and moving forward”. His classroom environment is one of safety, fun, and a growth mindset. He is excited and ready to start the year and looks forward to receiving another group of students with eager minds.