Dear AMS Music Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Academy of Math and Science Music Program!  Let me begin by thanking you for entrusting us to educate your children.  With all the challenges that we face with the upcoming school year please know that your children’s safety and health are a priority. 

As you are probably aware, AMS has a reputation for excellence and the AMS Music Program is no exception.  Musical studies provide new and exciting opportunities for students as well as parents, and your involvement is essential and welcome.  Music students develop in areas of responsibility, self-discipline, social skills, confidence, leadership, time management, and dependability.  Students of the music program also develop musical skills, which enrich their lives and the lives of those who take part in the student’s musical experience.  Each student should, with practice and effort, achieve success on his/her respective instrument.  The amount of practice and effort on the students’ part will be directly reflected in their degree of success.  This is where parental support and encouragement are so important.

As a member of the AMS Music Program, you are now a vital part of a winning team.  As with any activity, you get out of it what you put into it.  We want the best for you and that is the reason we will demand the best from you.  We look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions you may have.  



Looking forward to great year!


Mrs. Kashtelyan, Piano  mkashtelyan@amstucson.org

Mr. Nigro, Guitar mnigro@amstucson.org


As an international concert artist, Mr. Nigro has performed across the Unites States and abroad, playing concerts in the Philippines, Argentina, Chile, France, Greece, and Bulgaria. 

As a recording artist, his discography includes a total of 5 CD’s:

For 12 years Michael served as an Assistant Professor of Music at Vanguard University where he established a thorough and comprehensive guitar program that included a cycle of guitar-based courses in Guitar Literature, Pedagogy, and Fretboard Techniques.


Michael holds a Master of Music degree in Guitar Performance from California State University, Fullerton and a Bachelor of Music degree in Guitar Performance from Indiana University, Bloomington. His principle teachers were David Grimes and Ernesto Bitetti. He is an active member of the guitar community and serves as a Board Member for the Tucson Guitar Society, co-author of “The Essential Classical Guitar Scale Book,” reviewer of new music publications for Soundboard, and sought after teacher and performer.