Meet Ms. Morgan


Welcome to Ms. Morgan’s 2nd Grade


I am Ms. Morgan and I will be your child's 2nd grade teacher for school year 2018-2019. I am from Washington, D.C. This will be my 7th year teaching and I am very excited about the upcoming school year. What to expect this year:


The theme here at AMS-Camelback will be “R.I.S.E”:





By the end of the school year with these core values and the high expectations in our class your young scholars will be well prepared for 3rd grade.




ELA-We will be using a series called “Open Court”. This series challenges student in Reading, Writing, Grammar and Phonics. Phonics and all related components of reading are key component when it comes to being able to read and comprehend.
Writing- Writing will take place EVERYDAY. Penmanship is important so in most cases some writing will require a redo. NO SLOPPY WORK ACCEPTED. There will be different types of writing (i.e., short story, essay, poem, etc.).
Math- Math will be implemented with the Saxon curriculum. Equipped with rigorous and high order thinking.
Science/ Social Studies- These subjects will be incorporated during Math and ELA (projects will be sent home as a percentage of the grade)


  • HOMEWORK WILL BE GIVEN EVERY NIGHT- In the event that there is a change a ClassDojo message will be sent out to all parents. Students will write homework in their Agenda’s daily.



We ask that parents bring in snacks for students. Snacks will be for the entire class. Every family will be asked to bring in snacks for the class. There will be a schedule provided in the next few days.


Birthdays: Here are the birthday party rules per AMS (Please adhere to this policy)

  • Parents may only send individually wrapped, store-bought snacks that have been pre-approved by the primary/homeroom teacher. No cakes or cupcakes of any kind.
  • Parents must send napkins or paper towels with the snack.
  • Parents may drop snacks off in the front office with a note any time before 2:30 pm and may not stay to serve the snack in the classroom. Birthday snacks may be served at 2:30 pm or later. Absolutely NO goodie bags, party hats, birthday favors, presents, balloons, ice cream, etc.
  • Juice or water are optional. If sent with snack, it must be in individual boxes or pouches and sufficient for every student in the class. Jugs are not permitted.
  • When parents send party invitations, they may send enough invites for all the girls, all the boys, or the entire class; otherwise, we will not pass them out.


Conferences/ Tutoring:

 Conferences must be schedule at least 48 hours in advance. I WILL NOT MEET WITH PARENTS ONCE THE SCHOOL DAY HAS BEGUN. It is important that we do not take away any learning time from our young scholars so please plan accordingly.

I will provide tutoring days for those needing extra support. TUTORING IS NOT FOR STUDENTS TO DO WORK THEY DID NOT WANT TO DO DURING THE ALLOTED TIME. It is for additional support.


Let’s make this a great school year. We are a TEAM! This work cannot be done alone. I strongly encourage your support this school year as we prepare our students for their future. Please encourage reading at least 20 minutes a day outside of school. Check homework and encourage your child to do their best.




Q. Morgan