Kathy Hartley (Mrs. Hartley) received her bachelor’s degree in Ag. Ed from the U of A. She received her master's in STEM Education at Adam State University and has certification in STEM Education from the NASA Endeavor Teachers Program. She has been a part of the Academies of Math & Science for over 15 years and has taught for over 30 years through out Arizona. In the past, she taught Vo. Ag, Biology and Chemistry at the High School level and more recently has been teaching all areas of science to middle schoolers. Currently, Mrs. Hartley is the Science Director at the Academies of Math and Science's Network office as well as continuing to teach 8th grade biology and Chemistry at AMS-Prince. Her hobbies include crafting, reading, biking (she has ridden in El Tour de Tucson for the last 6 years), and in her free time she loves going to reptile shows and taking students to Catalina Island Marine Institute.