Welcome to Middle School Math!

My name is Miss Evans. I graduated from Gordon College with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I then proceeded to graduate from Western Governors University with a Master of Arts in Mathematics Education. I also graduated from Post University with a Master of Education with a concentration in Teaching & Learning. I have been teaching for 8 years, 5 of which have been in middle school mathematics. I have a passion for teaching mathematics. I am dedicated to your child’s success in math class. While the journey through the world of math is not always easy, every child is capable of comprehending and applying mathematical concepts to solve real world problems. Throughout this year, your child will be challenged to persevere and think critically. Thank you in advance for your support and help at home.
Miss Evans

Classroom Expectations:


Dragons live and breathe FIRE!


Focus - Come to class ready to focus


Integrity - Demonstrate integrity in the classroom


Respect - Respect others, including their opinions


Excellence - Always strive for excellence