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Principal Jack Chang

AMSG Principal Jack Chang

Born in Taiwan, Jack Chang immigrated to the United States in 1995 at the age of 8. Joined only by his 19-year-old cousin, Mr. Chang entered the public-school system as an English language learner. Mr. Chang recalls struggling to meet the basic expectations of the school’s curriculum due to his lack of English skills. He began to fear the education before him.  Consequently, Mr. Chang struggled to obtain lunch, often skipping the meal entirely as he did not understand the pin number system in place at the school. As the young Mr. Chang navigated the confusing waters of an ELL education, he lived in a small one-bedroom apartment with his cousin, awaiting the arrival of his parents from Taiwan. The electricity would often go out, further intimidating a young scholar struggling to study in the dark.


Following the arrival of his parents, Mr. Chang’s father always reinforced the importance of his education, despite the many challenges he faced along the way. Mr. Chang’s parents enrolled him in after-school English tutoring and his passion for education began to unfold. His father told him that education was the “great equalizer” and that if he studies hard, perseveres and is courageous enough to face the challenges before him, he will do great things, not only for himself but for his community. Inspired by his father’s tenacity and driven to better his situation, Mr. Chang mastered English and grew up to attend Arizona State University on a full scholarship where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education. Mr. Chang went on to teach full-time while working toward a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Arizona State University in 2016. For multiple years in a row, he had achievement scores at the top of the entire district, which lead to his promotion to mathematics department chair within his campus and subsequently to a position as an assistant principal at a high-performing charter school.


Inspired by the struggle of his days learning English and his father’s consistent motivation to learn, improve and grow, Mr. Chang has dedicated his career to passionately serving children who were once like him—intimidated by learning. To this day, Principal Chang lives by his father’s words and is driven to improve the educational outcomes for children in challenging socioeconomic circumstances.  As AMSG’s Founding Principal of Upper Grades, Jack Chang will use his own experience as an ELL student and passion for teaching and leadership to serve the Glendale community


I believe that we forge our own path and that our social status does not define us. I hope that I can instill the same inspiration my father gave me to all students at AMSG and let them know that they are powerful, bright, and have the potential to achieve greatness!


-AMSG Founding Principal of Upper Grades Jack Chang