Principal's Message

Curtis Walker - AMS Flower Principal
We Miss You
In a flash, our schools and our lives were turned upside down. We found ourselves out of sync, struggling to adjust to the “new normal” that came into our lives. As a result, our calling at AMS is to now design an effective way to allow our families to get back in sync with school. As educators, it has been our responsibility to establish a new sense of order to this chaos so that the children we serve will continue to learn and grow.
Our promise is to design a new system that will work for the families we serve. This system needs to be user friendly and flexible. So, we must learn how to do this and how to do this well. We have committed ourselves to learn how to instruct within and beyond our brick and mortar buildings. As we move into a new school year, we will have two options for your family; a modified brick and mortar on-campus experience with heightened safety precautions, or the opportunity to learn from online instructors in a virtual academy. No matter which option you choose, your child is guaranteed a high-quality education. We are developing a more robust framework for both the delivery and support of learning going forward. To truly support teachers in distance learning, we will need to re-tool and reimagine teacher support. During this time, we will always prioritize collaboration and feedback. Staff members will always collaborate with each other and get immediate feedback from their peers and leaders to improve lessons. Each week, teachers will share out new tips, tricks, and refinements to make systems more efficient and effective. Great instruction matters. Observation and feedback of instruction matters, too.
Now that the world has changed, we must adapt. We must figure out new and different ways to coach and support teachers. We will overcome this, and we need the help of our families. We promise to maintain strong and effective communication with you. With the beginning of the school year on the horizon, please contact us if you have questions or concerns. Join our Parent Action Committee that will meet the first Wednesday of each month, beginning in September, and encourage your child to complete their assignments, and maintain communication with their teachers. We are here for you.
- Principal Walker