Online Program

The Online Program will begin on August 5, 2020, and continue as a 100% online school option for AMS Scholars.
The online option provides students with 100% online distance learning. In order to choose this option, parents must have a stable high-speed internet connection for video streaming. If parents do not have internet and would like this option, they should indicate this in the enrollment application. AMS will assist parents with securing internet connection. High speed, reduced cost internet is available from Cox here and from Comcast here at less than $10/month. AMS will supply Chromebooks to students based upon qualified need. Before and after-school care for parents that select this option will not be available.
To help students complete our online program, AMS will be able to provide internet hotspots for a limited number of families to rent who demonstrate financial need. Due to the limited number of hotspots available please only request a hotspot if you are not able to secure a reliable internet connection.
By selecting the option to participate in the online program, parents agree to the following commitments:
  1. AMS online student schedules will match the on-campus program. That means that daily attendance to online classes is required and students attend each period as they would in the on-campus program.

  2. All learning is a group effort between parents and teachers, but online learning is especially so. Parents will be required to designate an adult at home as a “learning coach” for their student. The at home "learning coach" will work directly with the teacher to assist in keeping the student focused on learning.
Enrolled Families, to select a learning program for your child:
  1. Click on "Pick Your Program" or visit
  2. Log into your account.
  3. You should see the “Home” screen with your Student Dashboard, listing each of your children individually.
  4. Locate the form labeled “2020-2021 Enrollment Election – Campus”.
  5. Click on the Start button to the right of the form title.
  6. Click on the blue header “2020-2021 Enrollment Election” and complete the questions.
  7. Click Submit Forms to send your responses.
  8. Please complete this for each of your individual children currently enrolled at AMS.
* If you are unable to log into your SchoolMint account, click on the “Forgot Password” link or contact your school. If you need any help, our school administrators are happy to help.