Campus Safety Measures

In order to be able to create a safe and healthy environment for our students and our staff, our entire community needs to come together to take precautions. The AMS district leadership has spent the last two months working on safety plans for the following year.
Below is a summary of the AMS safety protocols and procedures following CDC, OSHA, and Arizona health organization requirements.
A full list of procedures in place to keep students and staff safe for the 20-21 school year will be released within a few weeks.

As the COVID-19 situation in Arizona may change (for better or worse) and as Arizona health agencies, the Governor’s office, counties, and cities issue additional guidance on requirement of masks and additional requirements on schools, AMS will update procedures as necessary to ensure compliance and safety of our children.

Parent Responsibilities

Working Together and Following the Rules
It is essential that parents work together with AMS for the common goal of keeping all students safe. Some policies and procedures may create some level of inconvenience, however, by working together, AMS and parents will ensure that all students are safe.
😷 Materials for Students: Masks, Supplies, Water Bottles
  • Masks will be required for students during class and transition periods, in accordance with the Maricopa County and Pima County mandates. Parents are responsible to supply masks for their child. Parents must wear masks within the schools at all times.
  • Parents should purchase sufficient supplies for students not to share with other students (pencil, pen, paper, notebook, etc.). Supplies required from parents will be provided by school.
  • Parents should send water bottles with students to school so that students do not use water fountains.
🌡️ Temperature Checks
Before dropping your child off at school, we ask parents to do a daily temperature and symptom check. Although teachers will be conducting temperature checks during homeroom, catching a high fever or COVID-19 symptoms at home will help us to keep our entire community safe and healthy.
Student absences for illness will not be penalized and will not affect grades.

School Responsibilities

😷 Masks
Volunteers and visitors will be limited on campus through quarter 1. All parents, volunteers, and visitors will be required to wear masks within the school.
Staff will be required to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible, for example when teachers are tutoring and working directly with students.
👩‍🏫 Teaching of Safety Procedures
Teachers will undergo rigorous safety training during the summer. Students will be taught hygiene and health procedures such as coughing into elbow and away from students, proper hand washing, new ways to greet students and to refrain from shaking hands with other students, etc.
🌡️ Temperature Checks
  • Before starting work, staff will be required to perform a self-temperature-check.
  • During homeroom, teachers will conduct temperature and symptom checks on all their students.
  • Sick students will be required to wear a mask, will be escorted to a separate room monitored by the nurse tech, and will be required to be picked up by parents. Return will be contingent on being symptom free for 1-3 days.
  • Visitors may be temperature or symptom checked prior to being admitted within the school circulation.
👦↔️👦 Physical Distancing
  • Teachers whenever possible will rotate between classes to minimize student movement. Rotation patterns will minimize students passing each other in hallways.
  • Staff will create restroom schedules to reduce traffic in restrooms.
  • Classrooms will be cleared of excess furniture.
  • Students will be facing straight ahead towards the front of the classroom. Desks will not be turned in towards one another and there will be no sharing of supplies and minimal sharing of equipment (and only after use of sanitizer).
  • Outdoor recess and physical activities will be held with limited mixing of students.
  • The number of guests and volunteers on campus will be limited. Flexible start and end times and augmented pickup and drop-off procedures will be used to ensure that students do not congregate from different classes and there is minimum interaction of groups.
  • Large gatherings and assemblies will not be held through October 2nd.
🧽🧹🧼 Cleaning
  • AMS has hired additional cleaning staff throughout the district for student safety.
  • Throughout the day while students are in attendance (and evenings), the janitorial staff will sanitize high-use and high-touch areas and surfaces with PHQ-7, an approved chemical for disinfecting COVID-19. Areas and surfaces will include restrooms, door handles, water fountains, desks, all student equipment, etc.
  • Electrostatic cleaning devices will be utilized to reach hard to clean areas throughout the school and will ensure that all surfaces throughout the school are reached.
  • Increased nightly cleaning protocols will ensure additional safety of our students.There will be extra deep cleaning on Wednesdays, Weekends, and during half days in all locations of AMS.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.
  • Teachers will be provided hand sanitizer and COVID-19 approved disinfecting wipes for use on all equipment and surfaces throughout the day and from period to period.
  • Students and staff will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer during transitions.
📞 Communication, Contact Tracing, Quarantine, and Continuation of Learning in Case of Closure.
The school will keep parents and staff updated regarding COVID-19 cases, if applicable. Parents will be informed and classes may be cancelled upwards of 10-14 days if cases of COVID-19 are identified which may have affected the student. The School’s COVID-19 Liason will be responsible for determining the extent of exposure and contact tracing to the extent possible. Depending on the severity of closure, students may be assigned learning packets or students may continue learning online. Chromebooks will be provided to parents if parents need computer devices for online learning during extended closures.