7A - Mathematics (Period 4)

Raymond Stanley Muller
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HW 3/6/2020

6C Packet on One-Step Equations and Angles
7A Finish missing assignments
6A Finish missing assignments
7B Finish missing assignments

HW 3/3/2020

6C Check with Hudson. 
7A Work on missing assignments. 
6A Work on missing assignments. 
7B Work on missing assignments. 

HW 3/2/2020

6C Check with Hudson
7A Understanding Sampling
6A Understanding Unit Rates
7B Understanding Sampling 

HW 2/25/2020

6C Lesson 84 # 1 - 30
7A Study Island: Computing with Rational Numbers
6A Study Island: Solve and Symbolize Equations 
7B Study Island: Theoretical Prob. 

HW 2/24/2020

6C Lesson 83 # 1 - 30
7A Lesson 71 # 1 - 25
6A Lesson 81 # 1 - 30
7B Study Island: Approximate Probability 

HW 2/21/2020

6C Lesson 82: Area of a Circle 1 - 30
Finish Angles, 3D Shapes, Sampling Analysis if you haven't finished. 
Test Corrections - due Monday!!!
7B Lesson 76 # 1 - 30 

HW 2/20/2020

6c Printed Percent Proportion Word Problems
7a Study Island: Sampling Analysis
6a Lesson 80 # 1 - 30
7b Lesson 75 # 1 - 30

HW 2/19/2020

6c Take Lesson 81 home and read through the examples.
7a Study Island: 3D Shapes
6a Study Island: Interpreting Data
7b Study Island: Understanding Probability 

HW 2/13/2020

6C Finish Test 15
7A Study Island: Multi-Step Eq with Rational Numbers
6A Study Island: Inequalities
7B Quiz Corrections

6C Translation Handout. If completed in class then none.
7A Study Island: Scale Drawings
6A Study Island: Data Distribution
7B Study Island: Comparing Stats

HW 2/11/2020

6C Lesson 78 Inequalities Handout
7A Study Island: Scale Drawing
6A Study Island: Evaluating Expressions
7B Study Island: Multi-Step Equations with Rational Numbers

HW 2/10/2020

6C Lesson 77 # 1 - 30
7A Study Island: Experimental Probability 
6A Study Island: Statistical Questions 
7B Study Island: Sampling Analysis