Dress Code

Shirts, Sweatshirts & Jackets

  • Navy, Light Blue, and White Polo's
  • Jackets/sweaters must be full length and zippered or buttoned
  • Jackets/sweaters worn inside must be solid navy, royal or baby blue, or white
  • AMS logo is the only acceptable logo on all shirts and jackets
  • All other AMS Shirts may be worn on Fridays ONLY
  • Shirts must be the appropriate size for the student
  • Undershirts must be matching blue or white
  • No jean jackets

Pant, Shorts, Skirts & Skorts

  • Tan, khaki or navy uniform bottoms
  • No torn or ripped bottoms
  • Belts are optional. If worn they must be brown or black in color
  • No sweatpants, leggings, or stretch material may be worn as pants
  • Females may wear leggings under skirts that are blue, white, or natural in color
  • No jeans, jeggings, or jean shorts of ANY kind
  • All shorts, skorts, and skirts must be no more than 2” above the knee cap or 2 horizontal fingers above the knee cap


  • Tennis shoes and dress shoes of any color
  • Heels must be no more than 1’’
  • No shoes with wheels
  • No slippers of any kind

Additional dress code information

  • Students must adhere to dress code at all times
  • Bandanas, either worn or carried, are prohibited
  • Hats and hoods may be worn outside but are prohibited to wear in all buildings
  • No unnatural hair colors, body art, or tattoos of any kind
  • No body piercings of any kind except in the ear. Students may have no more than two piercings in the ear