Principal - Mrs. Glory Pabon

Glory Pabon














Assistant Principal - Mrs. Juliet Riffenburg       

Juliet Riffenburg

Juliet Riffenburg received her Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership from Arizona State University (4.0 GPA). Prior to that she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University. During Mrs. Riffenburg’s educational career she has taught grades ranging from first to sixth at Blue Ribbon award winning and A+ schools and has worked as an administrator for Arizona State University’s STEM camps for grades K-12. Mrs. Riffenburg is originally from Tennessee but moved to Arizona as a corps member for Teach for America. During this two-year program Mrs. Riffenburg was a finalist for the Wowee Award for excellence in her teaching.  She has lived in many places including France, New Zealand, and Maryland, but so far Arizona is her favorite. When she has free time she enjoys spending it with her family, hiking, and cooking new recipes. She loves sharing her passion for life-long learning with others and is grateful to have the opportunity to do this as an administrator at AMS.



Dean of Students - Mrs. Kimber Chamberlain

Kimber Chamberlain

Mrs. Chamberlain (previously Ms. Kirwin) is a Colorado native who loves hiking with her husband and dog, reading by the window with her cats, and exploring Arizona with her new and amazing friends. While in Colorado, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Regis University. She returned a few years later and earned her Master of Arts in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Before coming to Arizona, Mrs. Chamberlain worked for a non-profit counseling center providing free group counseling to families grieving the death of a loved one. She also provided play therapy to children and families struggling with a variety of issues. She first became a member of the AMS community in February 2017 when she accepted a position as a first grade teacher. Recently, she accepted the position of Dean of Students wherein she utilizes her skills and experience as a therapist to connect with and guide each AMS student. Her goal is to ensure that every child recognize their strengths and potential, pushing themselves to succeed greater than they ever imagined. She believes in compassion, kindness, strength, and structure; and she believes that there is promise in every child. She is a proud turtle and is honored to spend each day with amazing AMS staff, students, and parents. Goooo Turtles!


Instructional Coach - Mr. Doug Taylor

Kimber Chamberlain

Doug Taylor graduated from Bradley University. Over the course of his educational career, he has taught grades ranging from 2nd to 8th. An accomplished teacher, he left the classroom to step into a role as a national education consultant and trainer with McGraw-Hill supporting their Direct Instruction curriculum. Doug is originally from Illinois, but now he has lived in Arizona for over 20 years. He loves the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, and spending time with his dog. After spending time away from teaching, he is excited to again have the opportunity to support a truly great teaching staff while they make such a positive difference in their students’ lives.



Front Desk - Mayra Gonzalez and Karla Camacho


Mayra Calderon - Front Desk Manager for AMS Phoenix   Karla Camacho - Front Desk Manager for AMS Phoenix



*A full summary of school personnel experience and resumes are available for public review upon request at school grounds.