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The AMS school network, serving 2100 K-8 students for the 2016-2017 school year across 4 campuses in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, targets under-served communities to provide an advanced, college-preparatory education. The charter school network is one of the highest performing in Arizona. AMS is national award-winning, and its flagship campus has been named the highest performing Title I K-8 charter school with >70% F/R in the state of Arizona (out of 293 such schools). AMS Prince is also the 2016 Arizona Charter School of the Year! Both of our newest campuses in Phoenix in their first year outperformed 75% of all nearby schools in their respective neighborhoods. 



  • Great colleagues. We only hire the absolutely most motivated, intelligent, mission-oriented team players we can find.
  • Career mobility that includes a path into further levels of school or network management/leadership. Teachers without interest in management have the potential of becoming master teachers and continuing to progress in responsibility and compensation. We will need to hire another 10-20 back office employees over the next 3-5 years to meet the needs of our growth and the same number of school leaders whether instructional coaches, assistant principals, or principals. 
  • Autonomy is a key value of the organization. We only hire people we know can get the work done and as long as it is done, we don’t meddle in the middle. 
  • A supportive and positive leadership 
  • Teacher-specific: Comprehensive new teacher induction and regular follow-up coaching and professional development 



We will motivate and inspire students for academic, career, and life success through providing an advanced, well-rounded, college preparatory education interlaced with habits of mind, character building, and 21st century skills to transform today’s scholars into tomorrow’s global visionaries.


Our school-level vision is student-focused. Our goal is that each of our students will:

Master foundational skills in math, science (and its applied fields), music, technology, and the humanities (social studies, at least one foreign language, reading, writing, and literacy skills including the analysis and comprehension of complex texts in a wide range of disciplines, genres, and modes). 

Discover topics and subjects of personal interest and thereby learn their personal strengths. 

View learning and education as purposeful, empowering, and relevant to them. 

Develop healthy habits of mind and body, values, and character traits that allow them to be more satisfied with and successful in life. 

Become culturally literate, academically competent, and interested in serving the community in ways that develop and use the student’s personal strengths and interests. 


AMS has grown by 1000 students in the last 4 years. For the 2016-2017 school year, AMS serves 2100 students. In the next 3-5 years, we will expand by another 3000 students. To meet the needs of at-risk Arizona communities, we need an average of 50 new teachers a year. We also have a yearly need for lead teachers, instructional coaches, assistant principals, and network staff in areas of marketing, operations, general project management, finance, talent recruitment, and more. 

For career tracks within our network, see the images found on our twitter handle @amsschools. 


We believe that smart students are well-rounded. Although we do well in state exams, we also offer students STEM, technology, foreign languages including Russian and Mandarin, music (piano, guitar, choir, and theory), art, and character development.

We hire the best teachers and use the best methods, systems, and programs available to reach our mission of sending kids to college. Our program is built to provide motivated students in grades K-8 a top-quality education, enabling them to succeed in extremely competitive high school programs and ultimately, college. Each child’s success depends on us, and we are confident that we can reach all children who are willing to put in the effort to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

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