Our Mission: Well-Rounded Students

We believe that smart students are well-rounded. Not only do we consistently perform well above average in state exams, but we also offer students a balanced education that includes STEM, technology, foreign languages (Russian and Mandarin), music (piano, guitar, choir, and theory), art, and character development. 

Our school-level vision is student-focused. Our goal is that each of our students will:

  • Master foundational skills in math, science (and its applied fields), music, technology, and the humanities (social studies, at least one foreign language, reading, writing, and literacy skills including the analysis and comprehension of complex texts in a wide range of disciplines, genres, and modes).
  • Discover topics and subjects of personal interest and thereby learn their personal strengths.
  • View learning and education as purposeful, empowering, and relevant to them.
  • Develop healthy habits of mind and body, values, and character traits that allow them to be more satisfied with and successful in life.
  • Become culturally literate, academically competent, and interested in serving the community in ways that develop and use the student’s personal strengths and interests.

Our mission: 

We will motivate and inspire students for academic, career, and life success through providing an advanced, well-rounded, college preparatory education interlaced with habits of mind, character building, and 21st century skills.


Why do parents choose AMS? For more information about our academic program and school offerings, click here. 



Our Values

We believe that: 

  • All students can be successful
  • Math and science are essential for success in the job market and world of today
  • High expectations and collaboration from students, parents, and all stakeholders yield results
  • Complete dedication of teachers, administration, and staff leads to student success


"AMS has changed my child’s perception of school. Thanks to their committed and unwavering staff he has developed a genuine love for learning, sports and the arts. He was a timid kid, but the teachers, staff, and administrative team have managed to create a safe, fun learning environment that has enabled my son to flourish academically and emotionally. Before attending AMS, he never really showed any interest in school. However, now he’s actually excited to go to school and participate in afterschool activities. During dinner he is constantly talking to me about the things he did at AMS. AMS, thank you for gently encouraging my little man to get out of his shell. My only complaint is they need to be a K-12 school and not just K-8.”

-AMS parent