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What is A Charter School?

Your child is unique and we understand that choosing a school is an immensely personal decision. That is why we are open with families and transparent about our culture. Parents have many options when searching for a school that will give their child an educational program that they will succeed in. Many parents feel that a charter school will give a more individualized, well-rounded learning experience. But what is a charter school and how could it benefit your child? A few benefits of attending a charter school are:


  • They offer an alternative education from public schools, often with specialized curriculum.
  • Charter schools and students must meet Arizona Standards and are usually an excelling school based on standardized testing.
  • You can find all grade levels from kindergarten through 8th grade available for enrollment. The Academies of Math and Science (AMS) has campuses in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. Contact an AMS campus for further information on how their highly qualified teachers can help your child achieve learning success.


Are Charter School Teachers Highly Qualified?

The Arizona law allows for charter schools to hire degreed teachers who are not Arizona certified. No Child Left Behind requirements of Highly Qualified teachers apply to all teachers in public institutions. What does that mean? That means that college degreed individuals, professionals from fields outside of education, and teachers moving to Arizona from out of state with a passion for education may find an opportunity in charter schools. Many Arizona certified teachers also choose to work in charter schools. All teachers in Arizona are required to have valid fingerprint clearance and each charter school is required to maintain current teacher resumes available on site for public review.


Did You Know…

The Academies of Math and Science provides a caring experience that combines high academic standards with the belief that every student not only can, but will succeed. Other highlights of our award-winning charter schools in Tucson and Phoenix include:


  • Geared to highly motivated students
  • Low student-teacher ratio with individualized instruction
  • Students start learning pre-algebra as early as 3rd grade
  • 100% college-prep program with advising
  • Hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program
  • Advanced and accelerated, well-rounded curriculum
  • Interactive art program beyond art history and theory, including computer design, studio art, pottery, painting, and sculpture
  • Music theory and performance: strings, piano, choir, orchestra, and band
  • Free after-school tutoring in all subjects
  • Extracurriculars including basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts, academic teams, and more


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